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一般不会用as show below, 即使用,这个时候也是作为名词来用,不常用。 最常用的是as shown below

按照下面演示的。我认为是as it is shown below.此处不是定语从句,应该是方式状语。状语从句的省略。 希望能解决您的问题。

当然可以。 例句: My analysis is as below 再给你找一个例句: Half of the man is woman, the circumscription is as below:half is the woman beside him, the balance half is othervaried women. 男人的一半是女人,定义如下:男人的一半...


as follows与following 的区别 "As follows" is often used to introduce a list (of things, etc.) E.g. The 75 students are divided into five groups as follows: group 1 - group 5 We may also say: 1. The 75 students are divided into ...

是My registration is as below还是My registration is as follow,或者是其他的说法。谢谢回答。分享到: 2007-08-07 00:04 提问者采纳 你这两句很生硬,有点...



as the below screenshot 如下面的屏幕截图 例句筛选 1. As the screenshot below attests, the same Jia Jingxue has apparently alsobeen a correspondent for the official China National Radio. 下面的截屏显示,“贾静雪”这个名字同样还作...

I have collected the feedback listed as below. 意思是"我已收集了如下列出的回复" 1. 句子包含如下语法: 1) 现在完成时态(have collected ) 2) listed as below 过去分词作后置定语,其实是省略了which is 的定语从句 即: I have collected th...

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