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A to B is As C to D

A对于B好比C对于D。是一个常用的类比句式。此时what作连接代词,等于as,是引导状语从句。 1、Water is to fish what air is to man(水对鱼的关系就象空气对人的关系一样。) 2、Ten is to five what eight is to four.(10比5等于8比4)

1、what A to B is what C to,是what引导的比较状语从句。 如:what you to me is what water to fish. 我离不开你 就像鱼离不开水。 2、也可以这样表达:A is to B what /as C is to D,表示A与B的关系和C与D的关系具有可比性。但是,如果A、B...

是的,你可以选择其他单词替换在A、B、C,意思的A对与B来说,就是C对于D. A is to B what C is to D的同义异形表达法 A is to B what C is to D中的what用作连接代词。它既是前而is的表语,又是后而is的表语。"A is to B what C is to D”常译为“...

A对B来说就像C对D一样,应该不能换,可参考2012年安徽卷高考题单选23题:Interest is as vital to learning as the ability to understand,even more so.看在辛苦翻卷子的分上采纳我的答案吧~~


a to b is what c to d A到B是C到D

a to b is more than c to d_有道翻译 翻译结果: a到b比c,d

be talented in My brother is talented in painting 我兄弟是在画画上有天赋。

英语选择题,拜托!AAABC CDBBB C... C、Thanks to D、Because of 29、The weather in Guilin is ___ that in San Francisco.(1分) A、the same as B、...

A is to B what C is to D

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